Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello everyone
Well it's been an awful month, my computer crashed so had to buy a new one
 this one came withWindows7 and Im having a terrible time try to get
all my psp stuff loaded.'s going to take awhile to get everything up and running again....
hope to be back tutin-n-taggin asap.........wi8sh me luck!!!!

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Hello my name is Daphene (aka) Daph. I am married and make my home here in Kentucky. I've been PSPing for about 8 yrs now using PSP 9 X3 and PS CS5.1.... If you have any questions please send to

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I use PSP 9 and PSP X3 and also have Adobe Photoshop CS5.1. my operating system is Windows 7 so if you think I can help or you have any questions you can email me at

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