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Pink Ice Forum Set by Lovey

I wrote this tutorial November 15 2010.

Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidence.
This was written in PSP 9 and Animation Shop 3.
It will work with other versions of PSP.

I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.


Tube of choice.
Close Up tube of choice.
I am using the fantastic art of Keith Garvey.
You can purchase the tube HERE



Penta- VR2
Alien Skin-Constellation
VM Natural - Sparkles

Fonts of choice
I am using SP Purkage and AprilleDisplayCaps.

My Supplies: HERE   inclues texture and animation
Ok let's begin.
Open supplies in PSP and open .mng in Animation Shop.

Set your color palatte.
Foreground = EE92AC
Background =FEE9EE
If you're not using this tube, just pick 2 colors from your tube and use them in the palette.
Change to the gradient tab, foreground gradient.
Settings: Angle @ 45, repeats @13, Style@ linear.

I always start with my frames, it's easier to see spacing.

Open a new white image size 550 x 225
Selections all, float, defloat, add new raster, flood fill with gradient.
Selections, modify, contract by 6 , delete.
Name that layer fra1
Active the background layer, selections, all, float defloat, add new raster layer.
Flood fill with color EE92AC
Selections, modify, contract by 8, delete.
Adjust, add noise, @ 75, sharpen.
Rename that layer, fra2
Active background layer, add new raster, name that layer pp1.
Flood fill that layer with same colored gradient, but change settings to
Angle 45, repeat 1.
Now we're going to build on that layer.
Copy and paste tube as a new layer.
Duplicate the tube 2 times. Place them as you like.

When you have them placed, merge only those layers visible.
Duplicate that layer 2 times. Total of 3 tube layers.
Merged #1 layer change the blend setting to screen
Merged #2 layer, adjust, blur, gaussian blur @ 5.00, change blend to overlay
Merged #3 layer change the blend to luminance
Activate PP1 layer, duplicate.
Plugin- PENTA VTR 2
With these settings:
Line distance = 45, Width = 0, Contrast = 169, Ghost = 0. Apply.
Move this layer above #1 Merged Tube layer.
Change blend mode to soft light.
On your layer palette, X out fra1 fra2 and background layers.
Merge layers visible.
Copy and paste the texture as a new layer.
Change blend mode to soft layer.
You can move the texture around till you get the effect you like.
Then merge that layer down. 

Rename that layer BASE

Copy and paste close up tube under fra 2 layer.
Place the close up where you like. Add drop shadow of choice.
Activate the base layer.
Foreground color = Nul
Background color = white
Using your shape tool, draw out a rectangle in the middle of the base.
Change blend mode to soft light.
Pen tool, diamond line, width 3 draw some dotted lines on the base.
Add a drop shadow to the lines.
Mine is V & H @ 1, Opac @ 40, Blur@ 2.00 Color #8d2b49 

 Now you can add any accents or text if you'd like.

I added text PINK ICE.
Font is Aprille Display Caps, color white, with same drop shadow.
Duplicate text, place in 2 corners.
On layer palette, active top text, merge down.
Add CR info and Name.
My CR info is font Pixelette, Kern -50, anti alias off.
Name is Font SP Purkage, 42 sharp, white.
Add glows and drop shadows of choice.

On layer palette, X OUT these layers-- fra1, fra2,name,cr, tube.
Activate base layer, merge visible.
Rename that layer BASE.

Now we're going to bring the base layer into Animation shop.
Edit, copy, paste into AS as a new animation.
The .mng has 24 frames. Duplicate the base to 24 frames.
Click on the first frame of the .mng, edit, select all.
Click on the first frame of the base, edit, select all.
Now drag the 1st frame of the .mng onto the 1st frame of the base.
Place cursor where you'd like the animation, then let go of cursor.
Click to view.

If you don't like where it's placed, edit- undo drag, then back to .mng edit- undo drag,
then drag it onto the base again.
Add the animation on your base a couple of times in different places to your liking.
I added mine 3 times around where my main tube is placed.
We're going to place that aside for now and animate the frames to go on top.

Back to PSP.
We're going to add noise to our outside frame.
X out the base layer. 

Duplicate fra 1 layer 3 times. Total of 4 fra1 layers.
Rename those layers A,B,C,D

A layer- effects- plugins-alien skin- constellation with these settings.


B layer, constellation, click random seed once.
C layer, constellation, click random seed once.
D layer, constellation, click random seed once.

X OUT Frames A, B, C, and BASE.

Edit, copy merged, paste into Animation Shop as a new animation.
Back to PSP, UnX B, X out A, copy merged, paste into animation shop after current layer.
Back to PSP, UnX C, X out B, copy merged, paste into AS after current layer.
Back to PSP, UnX D, X out C, copy merged, paste into animation shop after current layer.
This is a good place to save your tag as a psp image, but keep it open.

In Animation shop.

You have 4 animation frames of the tube. Edit, select all, copy, paste after last frame.

Continue pasting on the last frames till you have 24 frames in total.

Now you have 2 animations open in AS.

1) Base with the sparkle animation
2) Tube with animated boarder
We're going to bring them together.
Activate the Tube, edit, select all, copy
Activate the Base, edit, select all, paste into selected frame.
Place your cursor in the middle of the base, and let go. The corners should place themselves, but if they don't then undo and redo making sure your corners are placed ontop of each other correctly.
View animation. If you like it, then save as a .gif.
If you'd like to change things, just go to edit, and undo and begin again.
Before I save as a .gif, I save as an .mng for easier tagging.

A tip for saving .gif

If it's grainy, try changing the settings in custom, from median to octree.
If the file is too large, cull the animation by activating the 1st frame, edit, select all, animation tab, cull animation

Let's do the Avatar now!

I always make my avatars in 150 x 150 because that size fits most forum set ups.

Open a new white image 150 x 150.
Color palettes are the same with the gradiet settings same.
Foreground color =FEE9EE
Background color =EE92AC
Gradient tab, angle 45, repeats 13, style linear.
Background layer, select all, float, defloat, add new raster layer.
Flood fill that layer with gradient. Selections, modify, contract by 4, delete.
Select none.

Background layer, select all, float, defloat, add new raster, flood fill with color FEE9EE

selections, modify, contract by 6, delete. Select none.
Adjust, noise, add noise at 75, sharpen.
Activate the top grad frame, layer palette, merge down.
Name it frame layer.
Open your siggy you saved, activate the base layer,
edit copy, paste on the avatar as a new layer above the background layer.
Move the base around and place where you like it.
Merge down to the background layer.
Activate tube layer on siggy, copy, paste onto avatar above background layer.
Resize and position to your liking.
Name it Tube layer.
Add CR info, and name.

Ok now we're going to animate the avatar.

Duplicate the frame layer 2 X's. Total 3 frame layers.
Re name them A B C
Add constellation to each one of those layers.
X out B and C layers.
Activate tube layer.
With your free hand selection tool, on point to point, add/shift
go around portions of the tube you'd like to sparkle.
I did the hat, scarf and pompom.

Keep ants marching, on layer palette, promote section to a layer.
Duplicate that layer 2 x's. Total of 3 layers for sparks.
Rename 1, 2, 3
On layer 1, effects, plugins, VM Natural, sparkles.
With these settings.
Max size = 17
Random Seed = 41
On layer 2, change random setting to 109
On layer 3, change random setting to 177
Select none.

X out 2 & 3 layers.
Copy merged, paste into AS as a new animation.
Back to PSP,
Un X B layer, X out A
Un X 2 layer, X out 1
Copy merged, paste into AS after current frame

Back to PSP.
Un X C layer, X out B
Un X 3 layer, X out 2
Copied merged, paste into AS after current frame.
You have 3 frames in AS, view animation. If you like it save as .gif.

Hope you enjoyed this tut :o)

Thanks so much Daph, for having me as a guest tut writer.

Hugs n Smiles, Lovey

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